Take the streets of Mafia III: Rivals

Mafia III for consoles has not been received too well. A title that people still had high hopes, the end result was not good enough. What about the mobile game Mafia III Rivals?
The biggest gang of New Bordeaux

The game has in terms of story not much to do with the 'real' Mafia III. While the location New Bordeaux remains the same, the game does not share the same story of Mafia III Lincoln Clay in the lead. Here you take control of your own Mafia ahead and try gradually to take over the entire city while you turn hostile gangs.

The main part of the game you will spend in turn-based battles, similar to an old role playing game. With a group of five gangsters you fight against another group of gangsters. The goal is of course to disable all of them with weapons like brass knuckles, baseball bats and an arsenal of guns. First, should your group than the opponent. Each of your has its own special skill that comes in handy during combat. Sometimes it is an attack, other times it increases the defense.

The idea here is not bad, but the execution leaves something to be desired. It's obviously not fair a game as to compare it to a full-fledged RPG. Still, even for a simple game just a little too simple. There seems to be little tactics. http://game-cheats.org/mafia-3-hack-unlimited-cash-credit Tap all your characters, watch the animation and accept what blows of the opponent.

No superficiality

Where the depth might be missing in the fighting itself, there is plenty to do outside. In your vision to get around the city under your thumb, you do you will not be bored. All characters and their weapons can be upgraded, can be bought for real estate bonuses and it is even possible to play online. The depth so it does certainly not to lie; players enough time to stabbing in will discover that this is not just a simple game.

Mafia III: Rivals unfortunately seems to suffer under some technical problems. It was never so bad that the game was unplayable, although I had repeatedly suffered from a yellow background which certainly did not belong. A look at the Play Store reviews showed that I was not the only one with this problem.

It is most unfortunate that the game you seem to penalties if you want to play a lot. After each battle will usher in a heat point; with ten heat points, it is not possible to do more fights. Sometimes it takes more than 20 minutes just to get from one point heat. This is not bad if you pick up the game quickly and had to play 10 minutes, but if you're more excited about this comes as a way to make you pay for in-app purchases. The rest of the in-app purchases are fortunately not pushed in your face.


Mafia III: Rivals is now available for free to Android 4.0.3 and up through the link below. The game has in-app purchases, but without such purchases play well.


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